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Welcome to My Website Where I Teach People who may not have any experience in real estate, how to invest, create multiple streams of income through residuals and property sales. 

At Urban Rehabs we specialize in property acquisition in disadvantaged communities within inner cities of South Carolina & teach others to do so in smaller urban areas throughout the country.  We work with unwanted, abandoned, and distressed properties.  Our goal is to bring overlooked property back to life with the intent of revitalizing urban areas to create affordable living and business commercial options in the redevelopment atmosphere while preserving the historical context of the area to improve the overall quality of life one opportunity zone at a time. 

Roll the Dice

Wanting more opportunities out of life, a single mother of 2 at the age of 24, I packed up all of my belongings and decided to fit what I could in my Chevrolet impala and go for broke.  I moved to South Florida with my tax refund check-in 2008 and some jewelry worth a little more than 3k.  Just as my money began to dwindle down I pawned my jewlery to register a cleaning business called Angel Maid Cleaning Company.  It was at the cleaning company that I began working heavily with real estate investors who were capitalizing on off-market real estate as a result of the housing market crisis.  Feeling like most, I assumed I needed a ton of money to get started in real estate so I used the time I spent cleaning for real estate agents &  investors to learn what I could.  


How Did I Get Started?


In my final year at Palm Beach State College, my life suddenly changed forever.  Two months prior to my graduation my father had a heart attack and died at his government office desk.  After it was all said and done I had what some consider a lot of money, I had a little over 125k.  At the age of 28yrs, I knew enough about business and investing that I needed to make this money last.  My mother had died when I was 6yrs old so I knew this could very well be my last lifeline from my parents.  Even though I loved Palm Beach I could only make sense of investing my money in South Carolina, where the economy is growing and the prices are super affordable in comparison to South Florida, where it is also growing. 


Real Estate Investing 

With 16 thousand dollars I negotiated my first real estate deal in South Carolina, the current value of the property is roughly $79k,  repair costs and upgrades to make it an awesome place to live and raise a family was a little shy of 7k.  I currently have held over 15 properties for more than 5 years and my first investment happened in 2012.  After allocating all of the money I received from my father in real estate, I used capital from my cleaning company to get my properties running and produce residual income for me and generations to come.      


To this day I actively invest in real estate and have created several portfolios some for me and some for my children and their children.  What I love most now about real estate is teaching others how to get started in real estate investing.  When My inheritance ran out I had to figure out new ways to acquire a variety of real estate, at times with no money down. That knowledge is needed in inner cities more than ever due to the potential for gentrification that is happening as a result of the inner city redevelopment we see occurring across the country. When area residents know how to invest in their community long-term the chance of displacement is reduced. 

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The President Elayne (Mandie) Brunson Was Recently Named an Honoree in the Top 20 Professionals Under 40 #sumter20under40

This Award is Given to The Top 20 Young Professionals In three Counties Collectively Including; Lee, Sumter, and Clarendon.

Elayne Brunson Received the Award for Recognition of Real Estate Investing and Service on the Sumter City Community Housing Board. We Are Proud to Have Her Apart of Urban Property Firm!